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Supermatch, Uruguay's premier sports betting provider, required a major platform overhaul to comply with global standards before the 2022 World Cup.

As the country's only state-licensed administrator of a sports betting platform, Supermatch had to navigate stringent regulatory compliance guidelines during the development process. Despite challenges, a dedicated team worked closely with Supermatch's in-house teams to deliver a fully functional and scalable platform in just 24 months.

The new platform aimed to transform Supermatch's sporting business into a world-class betting platform, enabling large-scale user interaction, additional betting activities, and a robust infrastructure capable of handling surges in traffic during the tournament. Supermatch's commitment to responsible gaming practices and adherence to high safety and fairness standards has solidified its position as an industry leader in Uruguay's online gaming sector.

The client


The Challenge

Supermatch aimed to rebuild their outdated legacy betting website infrastructure, facing challenges in scalability, performance, content management, usability, and API integration. The new platform needed to handle high user volume, transactions, and real-time updates. Custom content management was developed to provide moderate control over website content. Usability was prioritized for operators and customers. Integrating in-house and third-party APIs posed reliability and security concerns, demanding a robust and secure system. Supermatch's focus on delivering a superior user experience drove these efforts to ensure a reliable and protected platform.

The precision engineering required for the new Supermatch project meant that some members of the team had to adopt new processes to assist with building it. The sheer scale and requirements of the new system called for the adoption of a new so ftware development appr oach and procedure that would address the performance, usability, reliability, and security pain points.

The Approach

The approach we took to build the sportbook platform to overcome the challenges it posed was to:

  1. Divide and Conquer​ We divided the project into modules, allowing individual team members to focus on specific tasks and ensuring timely delivery.
  2. Agile Team​ By implementing the scrum methodology, we delivered updates faster, adapted to changing requirements, and prioritized customer feedback.
  3. DevOps Adopting a microservices architecture, we improved reliability, scalability, and maintainability while quickly adapting to changing needs and requirements. Collaborating with La Banca further enhanced efficiency and automation..

The Solution

The modern rebirth

The project was a pivotal point in Supermatch's digital transformation, allowing them to support large-scale loads and user activities while rebuilding the platform to global standards. Our team conducted user research to determine expectations for the new platform's visual and infrastructural qualities. This helped us determine the most suitable approach to the underlying architecture of the new betting system, choosing between microservices and monolithic architecture.

UX/UI and Frontend Redesign

Alabama Solutions undertook a comprehensive UX/UI redesign, leveraging the latest technologies and frontend frameworks, to create a visually captivating and user-friendly Supermatch platform. The implementation of cutting-edge frontend technologies enhanced the platform's performance, responsiveness, and overall user satisfaction, elevating the Supermatch betting experience to new heights.

New Live Betting Engine

A more scalable and high-performance live betting engine was developed to power the new Supermatch platform. This engine facilitates a greater number of betting activities and ensures optimal processing of user bets, offering seamless performance even under heavy usage scenarios.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

To meet Supermatch's requirement for a unified sign-on experience, an SSO feature was integrated into the platform. Users can now access multiple Supermatch services using a single set of credentials, eliminating the need to log in separately for each service and enabling seamless session sharing across different company websites.

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

A custom CMS was built from industry-standard frameworks, equipped with a robust API. This empowers Supermatch operators to efficiently manage website and app content, providing them with greater control over the platform's content and resolving previous pain points.

Prediction Game

In addition to these core developments, a sports prediction module was created, allowing users to make predictions on sporting events before they commence, with the opportunity to win substantial rewards. Furthermore, hybrid mobile applications were developed for both iOS and Android platforms, offering users an alternative portal to the web platform and delivering a seamless user experience.

Mobile Apps To make the new Supermatch accessible to users on more platforms, we developed a mobile application for both iOS and Android. To simplify development and minimize costs, we chose the direction of hybrid mobile development. The mobile app serves as an alternative portal to the web platform and offers a seamless experience to users.


The upgraded Supermatch platform has brought notable enhancements, including improved performance and scalability through the new live betting engine, increased customer engagement with the addition of the prediction game module, a more flexible infrastructure enabled by microservices architecture, efficient content management with a custom CMS, and a seamless user experience through the implementation of single sign-on. These improvements have transformed Supermatch into a more scalable, reliable, and user-friendly betting platform, elevating customer satisfaction and engagement.


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Alabama Solutions has provided the client with advanced technology and outstanding results, thanks to the modernization of their website. They lead solid project management, which is key to the engagement's ongoing success. The team also praises their technical skills and ability to solve issues.

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