Web Summit Rio 2024: Alabama Solutions Showcases HNDevs

Montevideo, Uruguay – April 15, 2024 – Alabama Solutions, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, announces its participation in Web Summit Rio 2024, the largest tech event in South America. Taking place from April 15-18, the summit will feature over 30,000 attendees, 600+ speakers, and 1,000+ startups.

Alabama Solutions will be showcasing its revolutionary platform, HNDevs, an end-to-end staff augmentation solution designed to transform how businesses build high-performing teams. HNDevs leverages AI-powered matchmaking to connect companies with the perfect talent for their project needs, both quickly and efficiently.

HNDevs Unveiled at Web Summit Rio

Visitors to the Alabama Solutions booth will have the opportunity to experience HNDevs firsthand. The company’s co-founders, Alejandro Makowski and Eduardo Mello, alongside Hans Müller, Managing Director, will be present to lead demonstrations and discuss how HNDevs can help businesses optimize their talent acquisition strategy.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Web Summit Rio 2024,” says Alejandro Makowski, Co-founder of Alabama Solutions. “This event provides an exceptional platform to connect with a global audience of innovators and showcase the power of HNDevs. We believe this technology can revolutionize the way businesses build their teams, and we are excited to share it with the world.”

HNDevs: A Game-Changer for Staff Augmentation

HNDevs offers a range of benefits for businesses seeking top talent:

  • AI-powered Matching: HNDevs utilizes intelligent algorithms to connect companies with pre-vetted talent based on specific skills and project requirements.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The platform simplifies the talent acquisition process, allowing businesses to quickly identify and engage with qualified candidates.
  • Enhanced Transparency: HNDevs provides detailed profiles and insightful data to help businesses make informed hiring decisions.
  • Focus on Security: Data security is a top priority for HNDevs, ensuring both businesses and talent are protected.

Join Alabama Solutions at Web Summit Rio 2024

Alabama Solutions invites attendees to visit their booth at Web Summit Rio 2024 and discover how HNDevs can transform their approach to talent acquisition.

About Alabama Solutions

Alabama Solutions is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions that empower businesses to achieve their full potential. The company’s flagship platform, HNDevs, is revolutionizing staff augmentation by leveraging AI-powered matchmaking to connect businesses with the perfect talent for their needs.

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