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What we do


Our staff augmentation service garage delivers you with A+ rated IT talents and rockstars. We serve as an extended arm to your team and provide extensive expertise that is crucial for your business success. 

We provide the resources, experience and flexibility your team needs to scale and transform quickly.

The Beginning 

Foundational to our staff augmentation service garage is our unique ability to put the option of a powerful, flexible, cost-effective and transient team at your disposal and save you hundreds of thousands in cost of recruitment and effort.

We started the garage as a solution to address the growing shortage of capacity we witnessed internally and the rest of the IT sector is presently facing. 


We are an IT staffing service with talents that are available for every type of project regardless of complexity and that can be equally used by small scale and large enterprises to achieve any number of projects and recruit an unlimited number of professionals. 

From inception, our goal has been to be known as the one stop shop for IT solutions that includes prototyping, testing, IT architecture management and full-scale development of mobile, desktop or web applications.


Staff Augmentation Garage Methodology


Constant transformation is the key to business survival. With our garage, we not only work with your team to learn how our talents can fit into your company’s culture by attending meetings and reporting directly to business managers, we also recruit experienced IT professionals in an innovative process that bypasses its current shortcomings when you reach out to us.

Throughout the last two years of commercial experience, we have helped several corporations augment their team and drive huge transformational growth. 

Our approach is simple. We curate IT industry’s most solid resource through an always on and immensely refined recruitment process and extend them to your team on request  

How We Do It 

Since having the right-sized team is critical to your project’s success we work with you to determine what your requirements are for our engineers. 

We then align your needs and audit your requirements against our pool of in-house talents and deliver.


Value Proposition


Easy Access to First Grade Talents

Easily find and hire specific skill sets when you reach out to us for engineers. Gain access to and integrate some of the most outstanding software engineers who can increase your team’s output by adding valuable expertise to your project.

Concrete but Flexible Contract

Our service is designed to make you win. When you choose us as your staffing partner, you get protected with a detailed but easy to understand contract that spells out all the rules of our engagement including everything you need from us and vice versa. 

Dedicated Customer Service

In our Garage, you alone are catered to. Our experienced team is set up to always treat you like our only client. You get a group of people assigned to take your questions and solve every concern that you may have any day of the week. 


Our staff augmentation service garage is built to be ahead and competitive in approach and cost.


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