Abitab, Uruguayan largest payments and services company, sought to expand its offerings into last-mile logistics with the launch of "Locker Abitab," a smart locker service. To bring this vision to life, Abitab partnered with Alabama Solutions, a software development and consulting firm.

The Product

Abitab Locker

The Challenge

Balancing Needs of Individual Consumers and Businesses

Consumers: Abitab needed the lockers to be easy to use for individuals to pick up packages at their convenience. This meant a user-friendly interface for reserving lockers, managing access codes, and potentially even paying for locker usage directly through the Abitab app.

Businesses: Abitab also wanted to cater to businesses, particularly e-commerce companies and couriers. This meant features like:

    Bulk reservation capabilities: Businesses might need to reserve multiple lockers at once for large deliveries.

    API integration: Allowing businesses to integrate locker functionalities into their own e-commerce platforms for a seamless delivery experience.

    Discounted rates: Businesses might require volume discounts for frequent locker usage.

    Security: Ensuring secure storage of packages was crucial. This involved robust access control mechanisms like one-time codes or user authentication for locker access. Data security was also important, protecting user information and ensuring the privacy of delivery details.

The Approach

To successfully execute Abitab's innovative smart locker vision, Alabama Solutions assembled a highly skilled and collaborative team. This team comprised key specialists, each with a distinct area of expertise.

The Product Manager served as the project's central figure, ensuring alignment with Abitab's goals and maintaining clear communication with all stakeholders. The Functional Analyst played a critical role in translating user needs into actionable functionalities, guaranteeing a user-centric design. Finally, the Software Architect designed a secure and scalable system architecture capable of handling future growth and system demands.

To maintain transparency and ensure project alignment, bi-weekly overviews were conducted. These meetings facilitated open communication, allowing for course corrections and adjustments as needed. This rigorous approach, combining skilled professionals with a collaborative and adaptable team spirit, proved instrumental in translating Abitab's vision into a successful reality.

The Solution

Product Backlog Creation: The product backlog was meticulously crafted, encompassing user stories and epics that comprehensively defined the project's scope and requirements.

API Specification: Detailed specifications for the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) were meticulously documented, ensuring seamless communication and interaction between the system's various components.

Additional Considerations:

    User-Centric Approach: The product backlog and API specifications were developed with a keen focus on user needs and expectations, ensuring that the final solution aligned seamlessly with user requirements.

    Thorough Planning and Documentation: The meticulous creation of the product backlog and API specifications highlights the team's commitment to thorough planning and comprehensive documentation, laying a solid foundation for successful project execution.

    Effective Communication: The well-defined API specifications foster effective communication and collaboration among team members, streamlining development processes and reducing potential misunderstandings.

    Overall, the provided information indicates a structured and well-organized approach to project management, emphasizing clear requirements definition, effective communication, and a user-centric focus.


The Locker Abitab solution has been a resounding success for Abitab. The service has been well-received by both consumers and businesses, and it has helped Abitab to expand its reach and offerings.

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