Following our launch in 2020, La Banca de Quinielas de Montevideo, Uruguay’s only state-licensed administrator of sports betting and gambling games reached out to us to build an improvement to its legacy betting platform that has lasted 10+ years and regularly sees over 50,000 daily active users. 

Being one of the very few companies with over 70 years of history in the country La Banca’s prestige was crucial in how they selected and later awarded us the contract to rebuild their current sports betting platform — named Supermatch, to meet global high-quality standards as well as the approach and design decisions we took building it. 


The Challenge

One widespread concern that pops up when building a project like Supermatch that has to support a massive amount of daily user numbers is the issue of the content management on the platform. 

For this concern, we built a robust content management system that enables operators of the Supermatch platform to manage the website and app content.

In implementing the CMS system to plug into Supermatch and serve hundred of thousand of daily users we overcame particular challenges in the following areas:

  1. Choosing between custom-made CMS and industry-standard CMS technologies 
  2. Evaluating the robustness of the API of available industry-standard CMS solutions
  3. Testing, merging, and deploying the feature to the global Supermatch build. 

The Approach

After deliberating all of the peculiar problems that come with having to build a content management system that supports a massive amount of website content, our team conducted market research and an internal opinion audit to determine which of the readily available custom CMS solutions represents the best possible option for Supermatch.  

Aside from the initial evaluation and selection of the custom CMS framework of choice we also:

  • Conducted API and scalability testing
  • Designed a mapping of microservices relationship and how it interfaces with the CMS solution
  • Agreed to set up a pipeline for automated incremental deployment 

The Solution

For Supermatch we chose Drupal as the content management system framework of choice. Its API documentation and large community allow it to be easily used as a headless solution to the content problem we mentioned earlier.  

Together with its sophisticated APIs, Drupal has a history of continuously innovating around its array of robust content management tools that have great standard features and are reliably performant and secure.

In order to support multiple presentation layers (web and mobile applications), in a way that’s scalable, we went for the Decoupled CMS approach and Headless Architecture.

Headless Drupal allows front-end developers to have full control over the presentation, UI design and UX of the website

For multimedia storage, we went for cloud storage, and used Amazon S3 as our weapon of choice. Deploying a Drupal website on S3 further enhances its speed, performance, security and content delivery.

Elasticsearch —- the search and analytics data engine, was also used for content repositories and searches in the Supermatch platform.  Its use will ensure that the platform and its users will have access to accelerate search results through a server configuration that can be easily deployed anywhere around the globe. 

The Results

Ultimately, our Web And Mobile Development service garage team achieved the desired outcome of a solidly built website data management system for Supermatch operators that can withstand the demand of the millions of annual users. 

Our choice of technology, which includes Drupal and Elasticsearch, made the complexity around building massive and finely optimized CMS solutions as we did with Supermatch, more manageable. 

The deployment of the system also compelled our team to become even more creative with systems design as well as engineering decisions while building Supermatch.

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