Following our launch in 2020, La Banca de Quinielas de Montevideo, Uruguay’s only state-licensed administrator of sports betting and gambling games reached out to us to build an improvement to its legacy betting platform that has lasted 10+ years and regularly sees over 50,000 daily active users. 

Being one of the very few companies with over 70 years of history in the country La Banca’s prestige was crucial in how they selected and later awarded us the contract to rebuild their current sports betting platform — named Supermatch, to meet global high-quality standards as well as the approach and design decisions we took building it. 


The Challenge

One of La Banca’s aims for the new Supermatch platform was for it to allow users of the web application to sign in to other La Banca services with a single credential and share sessions seamlessly across several of the company’s websites without having to log in separately into each one of them. 

The problem with the current platform as with other legacy projects like it is that it often requires users to remember their password and input it whenever they visit another La Banca website even when they are already logged into the first website and have an active session running. 

The Approach

There are a number of ways to approach the challenge of active sessions across several services like La Banca wants to achieve. One approach is to do it in a custom way by building out the authentication system with proprietary technologies that may not be perfectly compatible with existing implementation on websites users regularly visit even though this approach gives the best opportunity for customization. 

There’s also another way to build this feature to plug in perfectly with existing systems but with the inverse of the benefit of custom implementation as mentioned prior.  

Initially, our thought was to build the feature as a custom sign-on system to keep it heavily customizable . However, an analysis of the long-term operational cost of the decision was considered and the overwhelming consensus agreed to build it from scratch utilizing industry standards and current technology stack. 

The Solution

The technology our team agreed on for this is Keycloak, an open-source Identity, and Access Management tool. Its features were crucial to how we built the single sign-on feature for Supermatch and how we implemented user identity brokering and social login that lets Supermatch users use existing login credentials from social platforms on the website. 

Keycloak implementation provided a custom login flow, user identity management, and multiple client login events monitoring ability that would have been cumbersome to implement via a custom solution. 

The benefit of using Keycloak as the basis of this feature is that it is designed to provide standard security protocols to implement dynamic single sign-on solutions for small or large-scale projects like Supermatch.

The Results

Our approach and choice of technology to build a single sign-on feature for La Banca’s Supermatch platform resulted in a solidly engineered feature for the platform that is very much in line with industry standards.

Engineers from our Web And Mobile Development service garage handled every aspect of the project with a clear mind and commitment to the overall aim that La Banca has for its Supermatch platform to be able to serve in excess of thousands of simultaneously signed-in users daily.

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