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The housing search process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially when looking for roommates or available rooms at the right price. Potential roommates often face challenges in finding suitable matches, and homeowners struggle to reach the right audience for their available rooms. A reliable platform was needed to consolidate the process and create a user-friendly experience for both seekers and providers.

The client


The Challenge

Building this platform presented us with diverse technical challenges, and we met them head-on with robust solutions. Ensuring top-notch data security, we implemented advanced encryption and secure authentication methods. Integrating with accommodation providers through OAuth enhances the user experience. Real-time updates keep you informed, and our AI-powered roommate matching simplifies the search process.

Our user-friendly app, developed using React Native and Next.js, provides a pleasant experience across various devices. With a scalable microservices architecture and efficient managed databases, the platform delivers reliability and optimal performance.

The Approach

The approach we took to build the mobile banking platform to overcome the challenges it posed was to:

Targeted Audience: BuscandoCasas is designed to cater to individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are seeking compatible roommates and shared living spaces. Whether you are a student, young professional, or someone looking for a change, Roommate Match is here to simplify your search.

Agile Development: Our development approach follows the Agile methodology, enabling us to deliver regular updates and respond quickly to evolving needs. This ensures that Roommate Match remains a flexible and user-centric platform that continuously improves based on user feedback.

AI-driven Insights: Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Roommate Match provides intelligent roommate matching suggestions based on individual preferences, habits, and lifestyle choices. Our AI algorithms optimize the process, making it easier to find the perfect roommate match. With BuscandoCasas, we were committed to deliver a confortable, secure, and effective platform that streamlines the process of finding roommates and shared accommodations. Say goodbye to housing hassles and embrace a smarter way to find your ideal living space with BuscandoCasas today!

The Solution

Through our Web And Mobile Development team, we embarked on the creation of a prototype to explore various technical perspectives and concepts, ultimately solidifying our approach for the innovative BuscandoCasas platform. Our skilled engineers and user interface designers were dedicated to enhancing the solution conceived during the discovery phase, with a primary focus on elevating user experience and usability for both platform users seeking roommates and our client's in-house operators managing the listings. Our endeavor resulted in the following key components:

User-Friendly Content Management System: We custom-built a robust backend content management system for BuscandoCasas, ensuring easy management of listings and user profiles.

Efficient Search Engine Integration: To fulfill the platform's search engine requirements, we implemented a powerful search feature that empowers users to swiftly find their ideal roommate matches.

Mobile Application Development: For the creation of BuscandoCasas mobile applications, we adopted a Hybrid mobile development approach, enabling a friendly user experience across devices.

Component Reusability with Monorepo: Our implementation of Monorepo architecture facilitated the seamless reuse of components across various projects, effectively accelerating development speed and ensuring consistent performance across the BuscandoCasas platform.


Our software development expertise played a crucial role in the success of Roommates, providing users with a technically advanced, reliable, and user-friendly app. By overcoming complex technical challenges and leveraging the latest technologies, we have revolutionized the way people find roommates and available rooms. Experience the future of housing search with Roommates, where code and innovation meet to simplify your room booking journey.

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