Our staff augmentation service garage serves as a fresh approach to recruitment in the  information technology industry. As IT continues to play a more critical role in our society and the demand for skilled and experienced human resource grows, a pertinent concern our service solves is the core cardinal problems of IT capacity fulfillment. 

At Alabama Solutions, our strength is in our unique ability to deliver our clients with A+ rated IT talents and rockstars. 

With our service, we serve as an extended arm to your engineering team and provide extensive expertise that is crucial to your business. Our service strives to put the option of a powerful, nimble, flexible, cost-effective and transient team at your disposal.

Digital Banking

The Challenge

With less than half the total number of tech positions available being filled, it is more than important now for tech employers to refresh and re-evaluate the process surrounding the problems that face onboarding qualified tech talents. 

Traditional approaches around finding the qualified candidates need to be reconsidered and convenient alternatives adopted.

In the case of one of our current clients — a large LATAM digital banking platform provider who needed to fill several  IT positions, the challenge included:

  • Finding qualified candidates across their tech stack to fulfill their need for additional expertise 
  • Engaging these professionals properly within a short time frame

The Approach

The approach we took was to align our clients’ needs and audit their requirements against our pool of in-house talents. 

In roles where our internal resource was not sufficient and more resources needed to be recruited, we made it a point to attract top talent for them by highlighting their brand image to applicants. 

The Solution

Ultimately our inhouse resource could only satisfy some of the volume of expertise needed by our client so we had to resort to devising strategic approaches to recruitment of more human resources. 

  • Removing degree requirements from position description

Something we did to encourage as many candidates to apply for the position we were filling for our LATAM digital banking platform provider client, and find suitable candidates was to remove the typical degree and certification requirement for the position description. 

This attempt to consider non-traditionally educated but experienced applicants opened the field to a huge number of applicants, many of whom were in fact qualified for our needs. 

  • Using multi platform search for candidates

To enhance our search and improve the chances of landing quality candidates we used several different recruitment platforms and methods. These days it’s not enough to post IT job descriptions on a single platform. 

Our multi-channel recruitment of qualified candidates took place over LinkedIn, Indeed, several other IT employment marketplace and from seeking referrals from our current pool of IT professionals .

  • Pursuing passive candidates

Another attempt we explored to get a few quality candidates was to consider people who, although are not actively seeking a job, would be willing to consider one. 

We scored a number of really experienced candidates because we believed that there are quite a few industry experienced people who are not necessarily looking for jobs but are ready to share their experience and insight if the terms and project that greatly interests them were offered. 

The Results

The outcome of providing our client with the volume of IT professionals it needed to fill the additional capacity gap in their company during our ongoing collaboration is the:

  • Continued support of their business platform through various features. 
  • Overall increase in the speed of project execution 
  • Less burnout to their current IT personnels due to work overload.

By outsourcing their IT capacity requirement to Alabama Solutions, our large LATAM digital banking platform provider client fulfilled their need for human capital with adequate professional expertise and are currently still seeing the result of the additional capacity pool of industry experienced professionals at their disposal in quickly implementing and testing new business ideas. 

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