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At Alabama Solutions, our Innovation Lab was specifically established to put startups like yours at the forefront of new technologies. We have seasoned professionals who will partner with you to create an MVP for ideas in areas like AR, VR, AI, Blockchain, IoT and many others.

Innovation Service

What We Offer

Future-proof your idea with the use of our Innovation Lab service. Build next level ideas on new and emerging technologies.

Value Proposition

We make sure understand we understand the requirements of your project, we assign you directly to a technology lead area that concerns your idea and provide you with our engineering team, veteran software developers working tirelessly on the same schedule and dedicated to seeing your project succeed.

Top Emerging Technologies Experts

Our Innovation Lab team comprises engineers who are followers of newer technologies like blockchain, NFT, A.I. etc. When you choose us to bring your innovative idea to life in these new areas of technology, your project benefits from their first hand experience working with, learning and even teaching these technologies.

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