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Introducing one of our most significant projects since our launch in 2020: Abitab. As Uruguay's largest chain of payment convenience stores, Abitab entrusted us with the task of enhancing its event tickets platform and creating alternative sales channels. The magnitude of this project becomes evident when we consider that Abitab welcomes over a million visitors annually and facilitates a staggering 70 million payments, contributing to 25% of Uruguay's GDP in terms of revenue collection.
Together, we're shaping the future of digital payments and driving impactful growth in Uruguay's thriving economy.

The client

Entradas Abitab

The Challenge

We were recruited to rebuild an event ticketing platform to serve in excess of hundreds of thousands of users daily for Abitab. The implications of the complex piece of robust engineering to serve such a high number of people include:

  1. The architectural problem that comes from having to support a massive amount of users
  2. Problem selecting the best possible technologies for the web platform redesign and launch of a new mobile iOS and android application.
  3. UI/UX usability issues since it needs to be user-friendly and easy to use

The Approach

The approach we took to build this ticketing platform for millions of users and overcome the usability and architectural challenges it posed was to:

  1. Gather Abitab’s requirements, figure out its customers’ expectations from the platform and scope of the project in the Discovery Phase.
  2. Conduct different UI/UX usability testing.
  3. Then we built a visual prototype of the platform before development.

The Solution

Through our Web And Mobile Development team, we built a prototype to test out different technical perspectives and concepts and solidify our choice of technology stack for the new ticketing platform. Our engineers and user interface designers focused exclusively on improving the solidity of the solution we came up with during the discovery phase and our emphasis was placed mainly on user experience and useability for the ticketing platform users as well as ease of use for our client’s in-house operators. In terms of specifics, we built a:

  1. Content management system: We built Abitab’s custom backend content management system using the extensive and powerful APIs of Drupal for a headless architecture that supports multiple endpoints and powers the web and mobile platforms. The development of this module allowed us to be featured as a Drupal Development Company.
  2. For the platform’s search engine needs, we chose Elasticsearch. It allows us to power users’ search queries for search items like artists, locations, event calendars, etc on the ticketing platform. Elasticsearch engine guarantees speed and performance and serves as an advantage for the new Abitab’s platform.
  3. For the new mobile applications we built, we took a Hybrid mobile development approach by using a framework that builds multi-platform applications from a single source code for easier and faster development time and cost-effectiveness.
  4. We also implemented Monorepo to reuse components across the different projects and speed up development.


Ultimately, we achieve a solid architecture footprint for the new platform and deliver a system that can cater to millions of expected users and has been load tested to withstand even the most severe use case. We were able to rebuild the ticketing platform to universally accepted standards and provide an infrastructure that is capable of extension of capacity in the future both on the web version and on android and IOS. Visit our other case studies to see additional projects and contact our pool of industry experienced professionals for your software development needs.


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I am extremely grateful for the remarkable work accomplished by the Alabama team in developing this innovative application. We are genuinely delighted with the exceptional outcome, and eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with this talented team.

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