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At Alabama solutions, our emerging technologies garage was specifically established to put startups like yours at the forefront of new technologies. We have seasoned professionals who will partner with you to create an MVP for ideas in areas like AR, VR, AI, Blockchain, IoT and many others. 

From research and development to project delivery, our emerging technologies solution garage will help you create a proof of concept for your innovative vision at a fraction of what it will typically cost in areas that include:

Future-proof your idea with the use of our emerging technologies garage service. Build next level ideas on new and emerging technologies. 

NFTs / Blockchain

One of the areas our emerging technologies garage is focused on delivering innovations in is blockchain technology and all the new uses of it. 

The technology represents one of the many emerging technologies with potential to transform businesses smart enough to take advantage of its ingenuity and ability to be used in a very wide range of industries. 

The metaverse / AR

Using current AR and VR technologies, community startup founders can solidify the bond of their platform  by building versions of their community on the metaverse with the help of our team. 

They can immerse their users into a world of interactivity with visually generated  life-like objects and people. 

Like Blockchain, artificial reality technology represents one of the many emerging technologies areas we have industry leading experts in.


We have expertise in and can be involved in several artificial intelligence projects. Our team will learn how your idea can benefit from the integration of A.I. technology, then build out a minimum viable product to test our hypothesis.

Our Approach

Before we deliver innovation in any of the new and emerging technologies areas, we make it a point to understand the requirement of your project and the expectation of users from the prototype version. 

To begin, we assign you directly to a technology lead in the new technology area that concerns your idea and whom you would be in constant communication and relationship with throughout the development life cycle. 

Our engineering team uses an agile methodology approach to development and you are guaranteed a team of veteran software developers working tirelessly on the same schedule and are dedicated to seeing your project succeed.

Value Proposition

Top Emerging Technologies Experts

Our emerging technologies garage team comprises engineers who are followers of newer technologies like blockchain, NFT, A.I. etc. 

When you choose us to bring your innovative idea to life in these new areas of technology, your project benefits from their first hand experience working with, learning and even teaching these technologies. 

Solid Development Experience

At Alabama solutions, we are backed by three years of existence and a collective of 10+ years of solid related software development experience of members of our team. 

We have built systems for some of the most important and industry leading companies in both south and north america. Choosing us to prototype your idea  means you get the benefit of solidly engineered applications that only comes with working on large projects like we are.

Continuous Development and Maintenance

At Alabama solutions, our emerging technologies garage team is committed to maintenance and further development of your idea. 

Costs Competitive

With us, the cost of bringing your ideas to life is outrightly affordable. Our emerging technologies garage was built with that in mind. Request to speak with a member of our team to learn how your project can benefit from our payment plans.

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